Skulptur. Projekte in Münster 1997 [Sculpture. Projects in Münster 1997]

June 22 – September 28 1997


In 1997, the exhibition gradually evolved into an institutional format. Retrospectively, the third Skulptur Projekte came to be viewed as a “festival edition”. More than 70 artists from 25 countries were invited to submit project concepts. For almost a third of the participating artists this was not the first time they were exhibiting in Münster. In this edition, artists’ projects were concentrated in the historic district contained within Promenadenring. On the one hand, the exhibition’s radius thereby remained easily accessible for visitors, and on the other, this curatorial idea also placed the newly renovated Westfälische Landesmuseum literally at the very centre of things, thus further intensifying the dialogue between museum interior and urban exterior. Prior to the opening in July several already existing sculptures from previous editions of Skulptur Projekte were restored, making it possible to identify them as belonging to a collection located in urban space.


Klaus Bußmann (director, Landesmuseum)
Kasper König (curator)
Florian Matzner (project director)
Ulrike Groos (exhibition office, manager)
Claudia Büttner (exhibition office)
Barbara Engelbach (exhibition office)
Martina Ward (exhibition office)